#FA Success Ep 304: Leveraging Surge Meetings To Find Efficiency With Client Reviews And New Client Onboarding, With Chad Chubb

#FA Success Ep 304: Leveraging Surge Meetings To Find Efficiency With Client Reviews And New Client Onboarding, With Chad Chubb

Welcome back to the 304th episode of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast!

My guest on today’s podcast is Chad Chubb. Chad is the founder of WealthKeel, an independent virtual RIA based in Tampa, Florida that advises on over $100 million of assets for 110 client households.

What’s unique about Chad, though, is how he has not only implemented a “surge meeting” approach to meet with each of his ongoing clients during a two-month period twice a year, but has gone further to implement a “surge onboarding” approach where he only takes on new clients in two-month intervals twice a year as well… all of which has allowed him to implement a highly systematized and efficient process so that he has more time and capacity throughout the rest of the year to focus on firm strategy, the client experience, and populating his waitlist of new clients for the next surge onboarding cycle.

In this episode, we talk in-depth about how, as Chad focused increasingly on serving a niche of Gen X and Gen Y physicians, he noticed an increasingly large overlap in the types of financial planning issues he was solving client after client that led him to a systematized surge approach to client review meetings, how almost reaching a point of burnout while onboarding 40 to 60 new clients per year in 2020 and 2021 made Chad realize that he needed to implement a surge onboarding approach (and a waitlist) to more easily scale and control the growth of his practice, and how Chad leverages the combination of writing for a finance-focused blog for physicians (as well as his own blog), concentrating on SEO tactics, and speaking at hospitals, to find his ideal prospects where they are and rapidly grow his firm.

We also talk about how Chad has evolved the pricing of his firm to use a retainer model that still approximates the revenue opportunities of an assets-under-advisement approach (which has given him a path to increase his fees over time to scale his firm), why Chad’s next steps are to focus on developing and expanding his team even further so that he can move into a CEO role where he is less-client facing and more focused on the operations of the firm to keep it growing and scaling, and how Chad has gotten comfortable with referring out clients who don’t want to wait for the next surge period and has even been ‘right sizing’ his client base by sending no-longer-good-fit clients out to other advisors who may be a better fit.

And be certain to listen to the end, where Chad shares how despite the fast-growth success he’s had, he’s still dealing with the ever-present feelings of imposter syndrome and what he calls the “entrepreneur dilemma” where, when you hit a goal, the only remaining focus is to hit the next goal, leaving little room to celebrate the smaller wins that comprise a successful business, why Chad wishes he discovered the power of an SEO strategy coupled with a clear niche specialization earlier on in his career after grinding early on with the ‘Project 100’ approach of just calling on friends and family, and why Chad believes creating systematized processes and a structured client communication meeting cadence (like surge meetings) isn’t just about operational efficiency to scale but is also the key to helping him develop a better balance between his professional and personal life.

So, whether you’re interested in learning about how Chad structures his time so he can handle surge meetings and onboarding twice a year, how serving a niche made it easier for Chad to create more efficient processes, or how Chad utilizes a combination of different technology to streamline notetaking and communication, then we hope you enjoy this episode of the Financial Advisor Success podcast, with Chad Chubb.

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