Creating Powerful Firm Messaging That Targets Prospects In Your Niche

Creating Powerful Firm Messaging That Targets Prospects In Your Niche

Good marketing based on using impactful messages for consumers is a foundational element for many types of businesses that allows companies to define and convey their unique value. For financial advisors, effective messaging often tells the story of how their advisory practice serves clients, with the intent to resonate with the audience and inspire them to engage with the firm. But while the messaging on many advisory firm websites speaks to a firm’s capabilities, a better approach to drive engagement is to frame communication around the prospect’s needs.

Employing a few key principles to shift the perspective and focus on what clients and prospects need can instantly create a more compelling message that will improve engagement. First, it’s important to make the consumer (rather than the firm) the main character in the firm’s communications. Flipping “we” statements into “you” statements puts the consumer front and center in the story – not the firm. The firm can then consider the unique needs of its target client (and the firm’s ability to deliver solutions to these unique needs) to create more relevant messages. These needs can be determined by interviewing current clients who the firm considers to be ‘ideal’ target clients in order to learn about their priorities. Finally, the firm can use this information to craft messages that speak specifically to the prospects they want to reach, touching on the issues that are most unique – and most relevant – to them.

After the firm has developed its messaging with the target client and their needs in mind, it can consider how to best deploy them effectively on the firm’s website. The goal is to show prospects how they will benefit by helping them understand what they will experience from working with the firm without simply describing the firm’s services. This can be done in several ways, such as describing a ‘path’ (of three or fewer steps) the prospect will be guided to follow to achieve their goals, or creating a ‘call to action’ for what the client will need to do to get their plan in motion (e.g., scheduling a complimentary consultation or downloading a free sample financial plan).

As with any marketing investment, it is important for firms to track the results of these changes; for example, monitoring the number of website visitors during a certain period and the number of prospects who scheduled a consultation. One specific way to measure the effectiveness of messaging – and to identify where adjustments should be made – is through A/B testing, a marketing tool that is used to compare different content assets against one another. For instance, a firm could test an ‘A’ version with its current messaging that uses “we” statements against a ‘B’ version that includes “you” statements to see which generates more engagement.

Ultimately, the key point is that successful financial advisory practices value the power of words and understand the importance of having a solid messaging framework. Yet firms of all sizes and maturity often struggle with optimizing their messaging to get it just right. But by making a simple – yet crucial – shift in their messaging strategy by flipping “we” statements into “you” statements, firms can earn more credibility and (hopefully) attract more clients!

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