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Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (Jan 1-2)

Enjoy the current installment of “Weekend Reading For Financial Planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with the news that the Social Security Administration will be keeping its local field offices closed for the foreseeable future, despite earlier reports that they would be re-opening in early 2022 for the first time since March of 2020—meaning …

Veterans United Home Loan Review

Veterans United Home Loan Review: #1 VA Home Lender for Veterans

Key takeaways:

  • Founded in 2002, Veterans United Home Loans offers unparalleled expertise in the VA mortgage industry. However, potential borrowers should note that Veterans United only offers VA loan products, meaning they do not offer traditional mortgages or home equity loans.
  • Veterans United is

Kitces & Carl Ep 76: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome By Truly Building Confidence In Your Own Value

Much of a financial advisor’s work involves putting themselves out there, whether by pitching their services to a client, writing engaging pitches on their website, or promoting their own educational or written work. For many advisors, though, marketing themselves may initially feel intimidating, but the process becomes less daunting as they find success and get …

Analyzing Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) Opportunities For Privately Held Company Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Allowing employees to enjoy the success of a company can be a helpful motivator and reward. Employer-sponsored retirement plans that allow employees to purchase company stock enable employees to gain a stake in the company, which can also present them with Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA) opportunities. In most cases, distributions made from tax-preferenced retirement accounts …

Weekend Reading for Financial Planners (Dec 25-26)

Enjoy the current installment of “Weekend Reading for Financial Planners” – this week’s edition kicks off with the news that the Biden administration will extend the moratorium on Federal student loan payments until May 1, giving some relief to borrowers impacted by the continuing effects of the pandemic (and softening the blow that January’s lapse …

Average Cost of Car Insurance

The average cost of car insurance can vary depending on the car you drive, where you live, your age, and plenty more. In the meantime, the auto insurance company you buy coverage from will also play a huge role in how much you pay — for better or for worse.

With that in mind, it …